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Business Plan

From this year (April 2016), the G-7 Group will formulate a new growth strategy, wherewe will set challenge goals to achieve for each business company and dedicate all of our efforts to achieving them while considering a balance between offensive and defensive stances, in order tostrivefor sales of 170 billion yen and ordinary profits of 7 billion yen for the 45th anniversary of our establishment (period of March 2021). We will establish, execute, and work toward the specific goals indicated below.

  1. Enhance ourorganizationalability and “human ability”
    In order to achieve a sense of common purpose in the Group, we will strengthen collaborations between people, goods, and monetary resources among Group companies to achieve growth. Each business company will work together to unify their command systems, clarifying the standards for evaluation of each individual in order to raise the skill and ability of our people.
  2. Establish a new growthstrategy office for developing new businesses and new lines of business
    We will deploy new businesses and new lines of business both domestically and overseas, includingthe deployment of “Cheese Tart BAKE” and new businesses in Singapore.
  3. Train and educate next-term executives and managers with NCC (Next Cabinet Club)
    In anticipation of generational changes, an executive and manager training course (NCC) was established in April 2015. Our founder, current executives, and external lecturers will be invited to come andimparttheir knowledge of management, and to educate the personnel who will support the future of the Group.
  4. Promote M&A
    We will strengthen our domestic and overseas initiatives, to carry out domestic and overseas investments within our cash flow.
  5. G-7 AGRI JAPANwill undertake the challenges of the agricultural business
    We will offer invitations for partner shops of “Megumi no Sato” so that it can become the 3rd pillar of the Group, and expand our nationwide network deployment.
  6. Enhance overseas business in Asia and ASEAN countries
    It has been 5 years since we began our overseasadvancement. G-7 INTERNATIONAL, our overseas supervising company, will attempt to achieve the goal of 10 billion yen in sales in the year 2020. G-7 INTERNATIONAL will carry out initiatives for the G-7 mall deployment conducted domestically, overseas under the name “Japan Village”.
  7. G-7 AUTO SERVICE will strive to achieve 50% of sales by its automobile trade-in sales and AUTOBACS EXPRESS
    We will focus on automobiletrade-in salesin the “Cars” business, and self-service gas stations in the “EXPRESS” business, and also further accelerate the automobile inspection business.
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