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Company Profile

Company Name
June 18, 1976
Mamoru Kinoshita, Chairman and Representative Director
Tatsumi Kaneda, President and Representative Director
1-6, Yasakadai 3-chome, Suma-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Phone: +81-78-797-7700  Fax: +81-78-797-7710
1785.7 million yen
Stock Market
Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section) (Company Code: 7508)
Holding company supporting and managing affiliated companies

Directors and Corporate Auditors

Chairman and
Representative Director
Mamoru Kinoshita
President and
Representative Director
Tatsumi Kaneda
(Chairman, G-7 AUTO SERVICE CO., LTD.)
Executive Director
Norio Kinoshita
(President, G-7 AUTO SERVICE CO., LTD.)
Yasumasa Kishimoto
General Manager, Financial Department
Yukitoshi Matsuda
General Manager, General Affairs Department
Keiichi Okumoto
(President, G-7 BIKE WORLD CO., LTD.)
Director (Outside)
Mitsuru Sakamoto
Director (Outside)
Yukihiro Shida
Corporate Auditor
Taizo Yoshida
Corporate Auditor
Teiji Joko, Attorney
Corporate Auditor
Hiroki Nishii, CPA

Origin of the Company Name

Logo and corporate colors

In 1975, Mamoru Kinoshita, a founder and present chairman of the campany, started auto accessories business in Kakogawa City in Hyogo Prefecture. At that time, he rented a site from a bowling alley named "Seven Bowl." By combining this "Seven," which is thought to be a lucky number, with "Auto" from "auto accessory business," he named his first store "AUTO SEVEN." Since then, "7 (Seven)" has been considered to be the symbol of our establishment.

In April 2006, along with the reorganization into a holding company structure, the corporate name was changed to G-7 HOLDINGS INC. This new corporate name was derived from "7 (Seven)," prefixed by the letter "G," which represents our multifaceted vision of the ideal company, namely "a global, and energetic corporate group with a lot of guts".

Logo signifies fledging and breath. The combination of G and 7 is designed for the seed rising into seedlings. We hope that G-7 HOLDINGS will grow and expand further in the future, as it was reborn from G-7 AUTO SEVEN which started from AUTOBACS.
We adopt blue and red for corporate colors. Blue represents seas around Japan, which interprets a global corporation expanding over these seas. Red represents passion, which interprets corporative group with passion.

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